Community | Discipleship | Prayer
Small groups are at the heart of what it means to live a christian life.  They provide an opportunity to connect with others in community; to inspire and equip one another as disciples of Jesus; and to pray for each other and the world. 
To join a small group you can contact Phil or Abby:
PHIL’S SMALL GROUP | Wednesdays 7.30-8.30 starting 13th Jan| Open to all
How can we grow together as disciples of Jesus? We will start each week with time to hang-out and catch up. Each week we will reflect together on Sunday’s bible reading, applying it to our own lives and praying for each other and our community.
Zoom Meeting ID: 886 8196 9082 (email: for the passcode)
ABBY’S SMALL GROUP |Tuesdays 7.30-8.30 starting 25th Jan| For Women only
How can we inspire and equip one another as women who follow Jesus?  This group will explore the stories of women in the bible and apply their example to our lives.  How can we be women who encourage and build each other up in faith?
Zoom Meeting ID: 881 5180 8017 (email: for the passcode)